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The Borough of Mont Alto owns their own Electric, Utility Poles and Electric Wires.

As of February 2024, The Borough of Mont Alto has the lowest Electrical Rates in the Country.

Electric Information Sheet

Since it is much more cost effective and efficient for the Borough to purchase its electricity needs from outside generation owners/resources as opposed to building and operating its own generation plant, Mont Alto has contracted with a third-party power supplier to provide all of the electricity needs to power the homes and business throughout the Borough.

The majority of the costs paid by Mont Alto to that power supplier to provide the electricity used by the resident is being collected in the other charges on the resident’s electric bill.  When the total cost of the resident’s actual wholesale power supply purchases exceeds the amount being collected for in their other electric rates, then the remaining costs associated with providing that resident’s power is then required to be collected through the Purchased Power Adjustment (“PPA”) charge.

As a result, the Borough does not keep/retain any of those PPA charges, all PPA revenues received by Mont Alto are then immediately passed-through directly to that third-party power supplier to pay for their monthly wholesale invoices charged to the Borough on the customer’s behalf.

Rate Chart for Utilities 

The electrical rates shown in the information sheet and rate chart have been in effect since 2013. No increases to the Borough’s Electrical kWh rates have occurred since 2013.

The PPA (Purchased Power Adjustment) from 2013 to 2021 was $0.00650. In June 2021, due to Power Supply Costs, the PPA was increased roughly by 3% to $0.00950. The increase took place in the July 2021 utility bills.


Electric Rate Comparisons
– Click on the links below to compare the Borough of Mont Alto’s Electric rates to other Electric providers.

2015 – RPT Mont Alto Residential Rate Comparisons 20151031 CSS 23110

2024 – RPT Mont Alto Res Rate Comparison 2024 03 07