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Water Line Material –¬†Copper Lead Service Lines – Click Link to review procedures in identifying the material of your water line coming into your home.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2023 CCR – Annual Quality Drinking Report Click link to review the Borough of Mont Alto’s Annual Drinking Water Report


Rate Chart for Utilities – Click link to review the current Water & Sewer Rates

Current Water rates have been in effect since February 2021.

Current Sewer rates have been in effect since September 2011.


Common Water Leaks

The most common water leak in a home is through a toilet. Most likely it is due to an old or worn-out flapper (valve seal) located inside the toilet tank.

To check for a toilet leak:
– Remove the tank cover. Put in Food Coloring or Kool-Aid into the tank.
– Wait about 30-minutes or even longer.
– If the water in the toilet bowl is clear, there are no leaks.
– If the water in the toilet bowl has turned colors, there is a leak in the tank.

Additional water leaks in a home: Faucets, Showerheads, Hot Water Heater Tanks, Sewer Line and Under the Home’s Foundation.


FAQ’s – Click on the link below to see the most common questions and answers for the Mont Alto Municipal Authority.

FAQ’s – Most Common Asked Questions